About toolchain

What is Toolchain?

Toolchain, more precisely, cross-compilation toolchain is a set of tools to build binary files for your target system. Let me explain in this way, you have coded a c program on a PC with Debian 5.0 system and x86 CPU (host system). Now you want to build to the c file to an executable and let it run in a board with ARM processor (target system). Cross-compilationToolchain will help you to build your binary file for the specific target system, based on your current host system.

What does a Toolchain have?
  • Compiler (gcc),
  • linker and assembler (binutils),
  • C standard library (uclib)

How to get a Toolchain?

Usually you can get toolchain from the board provider. Or build your own using Buildroot.
See the artical.

What do you need to know before build a Toolchain?

To be continued...

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