Scratchbox2 is exactly what Max is looking for. Many beginners, like Max, have been tired of problems about conflicts between native toolchain in host system and cross-compiler toolchain for target system. Scratchbox2 provides a natural way to solve this issue.

"Scratchbox provides a sandboxed build environment which offers a controlled set of tools and utilities needed for cross-compilation"

As shown in above, sb2 is a virtual execution environment, which requires two things:
fulfills three tasks:
  • build source code for target system
  • execute code in target system
  • manage pacakges in target system.
The wiki artical Scratchbox2 based cross compiling shows general usage of scratchbox2. Nice post on cross-compiling Qt/X11 using scratchbox2. Note: Scratchbox2 is incompatible with Scratchbox1.


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