15 Practical Linux Find Command Examples

  1. Find Files Using Name
  2. Find Files Using Name and Ignoring Case
  3. Limit Search To Specific Directory Level Using mindepth and maxdepth
  4. Executing Commands on the Files Found by the Find Command.
  5. Inverting the match.
  6. Finding Files by its inode Number.
  7. Find file based on the File-Permissions
  8. Find all empty files (zero byte file) in your home directory and it’s subdirectory
  9. Finding the Top 5 Big Files
  10. Finding the Top 5 Small Files
  11. Find Files Based on file-type using option -type
  12. Find files by comparing with the modification time of other file
  13. Find Files by Size
  14. Create Alias for Frequent Find Operations
  15. Remove big archive files using find command


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