A walkaround: assign a static IP to eth0 for nfs remotely start system

I tried to boot the target board "armsys6410" by remotely loading a root file system through nfs. According to the given user manual, the argument of u-boot is

setenv bootargs "root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= ip= console=ttySAC0,115200"
Here /home/localhost/armsys6410/root is the file system located at my host machine. is the static ip of board, while should be static ip of host machine.

The problem of mine is I cannot fix a static IP to eth0, when I use at the same time wlan0. I didn't find a ultimate solution for the problem. Here is just walkaround:

Precondition: minicom has been correctly configured, serial port and cross-over cable have been correctly connected between host and target.

1) reset the board
2) press any key to suspend the booting (I use u-boot here)
3) >sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up
4) in minicom, input "reset"

Then the board can start with given root file system

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