Patch on Wrong Version Kernel

Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]

Above is a common error message when people tried to patch the kernel source. The reason is that you applied the patch on a kernel of wrong version.
Here is a patched version of linux kernel published by www.kernel.org. For instance, you are going to download kernel source. You have two choices,
  1. Download Full Source. No extra patching is required.
  2. Download Patch und patch on your 2.6.33

For the second choice, if you try to run patch on the other version. for example  The error shown above will appear. Correct commands are below.

>tar xzfv linux-2.6.33.tar.gz
>bunzip2 patch-
>cd linux-2.6.33
>patch -p1<../patch-


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