nfs-kernel-server vs. nfs-user-server

Max tried to install nfs-server on his Debian machine.
>sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
Everything looks fine, except of this warning message:
Not starting NFS kernel daemon: no support in current kernel. (warning)
It seems that the current kernel doesn't support nfs kernel daemon. After googling for sometime, I found that rebuild the kernel is the solution for the problem (http://computingplugs.com/index.php/NFS_server). It is funny that my self-built kernel 2.6.34 has no the option

[*] Root file system on NFS

in 'make menuconfig'.

The other solution is to install nfs-user-server, which runs in the user-mode, not in kernel-model.

>sudo apt-get install nfs-user-server
>/etc/init.d/nfs-user-server restart



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