FVWM-Crystal Shortcuts

Mouse buttons:
  • Right mouse button click on desktop – opens up a terminal
  • Middle mouse button click on desktop – turns on and off the feature to switch desktops by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen
  • ALT+F1ALT+F10 – switching between virtual desktops 1-10
  • ALT+Escape – switching between the two recently used desktops (cool stuff)
  • Num-5 – change of focus between the two recent apps (even cooler stuff!)
  • ALT+` – opens and closes QuakeConsole window - a nice virtual terminal (which can be xterm, aterm or mrxvt, depending on our choice) - the terminal comes out of nowhere and shows up in the top part of the desktop
  • ALT+Shift+` – opens up a new terminal window (xterm, aterm, mrxvt, Eterm or gnome-terminal)
  • ALT+; – opens up and closes FvwmConsole - a place where we can watch FVWM logs, as well as issue commands and FVWM scripts - I usually use it for launching custom apps
  • ALT+Menu – triggers a menu show up (the Diamond menu with all the applications, etc)
  • ALT+= maximizes current window (back and forth)
  • ALT+Backspace minimizes the current window to a desktop icon
  • ALT+Shift+Backspace closes the current window
  • ALT+Shift+= – full screen (and back to normal size)
  • ALT+z/b – previous/next track in the music player
  • ALT+x/c/v – start/pause/stop playing
  • ALT+./, – mixer volume up/down

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