Google PowerMeter: Visualization Makes Things Change

Goolge PowerMeter is a new product from Google, online monitoring power consumption of user's houses. With help of detail information of power usage, Google encourage people to more efficiently save energy. Some important features:

  • Devices should act as a web server. This features should be supported by device vendors.
  • With a device URL, user can view and manage the device by a internet browser.
  • Data is transmitted by HTTPS every 10 minutes.
  • Viewer of PowerMeter is integrated in iGoogle.
  • Google provides API for third-part developer.
"..Google recommends building an 802.11 ("WiFi") radio into your device and then implementing a TCP/IP stack with SSL aboard the device so that the device can transmit data directly to Google. The device could also use an RJ-45 ethernet jack with a TCP/IP/SSL stack, though this set-up could complicate your customer's efforts to configure the device's connection."


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