OpenCL in Qt

"...For those new to it, OpenCL is an open, royalty-free standard for parallel programming in a heterogeneous computing environment. The most common use you’ve probably heard of is to run arbitrary C code on your system’s GPU..."

"... It defines a new C-style language that is more precise as to mathematical precision, and which allows arbitrary arguments to be provided to an OpenCL function - known as a kernel - to do almost anything that C can do. Special vector types like “float4″ are provided as well as an extensive mathematical library.  But its most impressive feature is work sizes - it is very easy to split your task up into small chunks that the GPU can scatter across all of its compute units (compute units include whatever CPUs and GPUs OpenCL can find, OpenCL uses everything available).  Unlike regular C where you can spend a lot of time writing outer loops and launching worker threads for subparts of your problem, OpenCL does it for you. We’ll see how that works shortly..."


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