Nice book: User Interface Design for Programmers

For anybody decides to design GUI, you cannot miss this nice online book from Joe. User Interface Design For Programmers. I enjoyed the reading very much and copyed some good sentences:
Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy:UI is important because it affects the feelings, the emotions, and the mood of your users. If the UI is wrong and the user feels like they can't control your software, they literally won't be happy and they'll blame it on your software. If the UI is smart and things work the way the user expected them to work, they will be cheerful as they manage to accomplish small goals.
Figuring Out What They Expected:A user interface is well-designed when the program behaves exactly how the user thought it would.
Choices:Every time you provide an option, you're asking the user to make a decision. Design is the art of making choices.
Affordances and Metaphors: Well-designed objects make it clear how they work just by looking at them.
Consistency and Other Hobgoblins: Good UI designers use consistency intelligently, and, though it may not show off their creativity as well, in the long run it makes users happier.You can change the visual look of dialogs, a bit, but don't break the functionality.
Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives: 1)In fact, users don't read anything. 2)Users can't control the mouse very well. 3)Users can't remember anything
Human aptitude tends towards the bell curve. Maybe 98% of your customers are smart enough to use a television set. About 70% of them can use Windows. 15% can use Linux. 1% can program. But only 0.1% of them can program in a language like C++. And only 0.01% of them can figure out Microsoft ATL programming.
The effect of this sharp drop-off is that whenever you "lower the bar" by even a small amount, making your program, say, 10% easier to use, you dramatically increase the number of people who can use it, say, by 50%.
The Process of Designing a Product: Activity based planning is even more important when you are working on version two of a product that people are already using. Here, it may be a matter of observing a sample of customers to see what they are using your program for.

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